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Many fans expect tuesday match in Sydney - Krasnoroutskaya vs. Hantuchova :
Elena Dementieva is back in the top ten, something I never expected to see. So this maych isn't a death-knell for anybody. But this match features a Russian who's 'break-out' we've been waiting two years for, and player who's been 'slumping' since winning her first ('No no it was NOT a fluke!') tournament. 21 months ago.
Hantuchova		 Krasnourourskaya
---------------- -- -----------------
World #19		 vs World #27
1271 points		vs 1076 points
74.76 ppt		 vs 63.29 ppt
Both did well in this part of the season last year
Hantuchova		 Krasnourourskaya
---------------- -- -----------------
OZ QF	 268	 Tokyo QF 128
Antwerp SF 119	 Doha SF 110
		  Dubai QF 88
Krasnouroutskaya was a 'phenom' before Bovina, Petrova or Zvonareva. All have swept past her, and Sharapova is hot on her heels. And Dementieva and Myskina have answered the challenge of their countrywomen, rather than giving way before the new wave. Some projected Krasnouroutskaya as #1 Russia by now. Instead, she's #6, and could easily drop to #8 with continued good play from Kuznetsova and Sharapova. If this is her year, this is match she's GOING TO win. Elite players cannot afford loses to non-top ten opponents.
Hantuchova. What can we say that hasn't been said? We wait and we wait and we wait for the tournament win that says that Indian Wells '01 wasn't a fluke. But as we look back; at a Martina Hingis who's injured feet were soon to drive her from the sport; at the absence of the Williams sisters; at a game that becomes more and more one-dimensional, rather than growing and developing; one HAS to wonder if her previous top ten status was a function of good, consistent, but NOT elite level play. I know she had surgery, but her problem extend back far past that. I don't expect Harold Solomon to help. His successes have come mostly with players who's had conditioning problems. Dani's conditioning is fine. Her GAME is unsophicated and easily countered. She's Dokic's twin. All they do is run fast and hit the ball hard. (When people complain that all the Williams sisters do is hit hard, these two are who come to mind. THIS is what you get in the WTA for hitting the ball hard. A top twenty ranking. Takes a bit more to win GS titles)
If this is Dami's year, this is match she's GOING TO win. Elite players cannot afford loses to non-top ten opponents.
Lina's doing fine-(though she could do with some good fortune for once - injury-wise)
over-rated by whom ??? She's never had much publicity stating she's the next star. She did very good a as junior and has done pretty good despite her probs.
Lina's just glad to be playing at a good level again after what happened in 02 when she was gonna quit.

A tennis match of two players can be won by both if they are pretty much equal. I still expect and hope Lina to win.

Anyway's this match brings back memories of one of the 1st times i saw Daniela play (Japan 1997 in U14 World Jr Finals), hope for same result then.

Just hope Dani can get back into some form too but after this tourn though.
Good luck to both girls, hope both can get their season going soon!!!
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